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Exhibitor Registration Fee: TBD 2024

*100% of the registration fee goes to Texas Children’s Cancer Center and your registration fee is


Unfortunately, due to the limited number of spaces for Ferraris to be displayed at the venue, we cannot accept every application and must limit the number of vehicles on display.

All applications for vehicles to be exhibited will be reviewed by the Ferrari Festival Committee for selection.


A confirmation will be emailed to the applicant prior to the event with details for the required payment. Your registration is not complete until payment has been received.

Please note that all owners that have been accepted will be required to have their Ferrari on display for the entire event. Arrival time is no later than 9am and your car must be relocated promptly at 2pm once the event ends.

It is the responsibility of the owner for the logistics of their car(s) to and from the event.

Included in registration as of today:

  • TBD FOR 2024

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